What is it like on Mount Kilimanjaro?
What is it like on Mount Kilimanjaro?

Are you wondering what it is like being on the mountain? Being on Mount Kilimanjaro is a challenge but worth it. Despite the last effort of summiting being difficult, the overall experience is fun

Kilimanjaro holds the bragging right of being one of the tallest and loveliest mountains to climb in the world.

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Mountain climbing is one of those experiences that prove the saying “the end justifies the means”.

You will have so much to compensate for all the sacrifices you have made. There are just so many positives to take from a trek up Mount Kilimanjaro some of which may include the splendor of the scenery, the breath of clean air and the surroundings, the teamwork and the ultimate goal of reaching on top of the roof of Africa’s tallest mountain.

Climbers on Mount KilimanjaroA typical day climbing the mountain

Typical days are spent trekking through amazing landscapes and vegetation zones as each day brings in a noticeable change of surroundings.

The walks and pace are manageable and hardly exhausting, as you have to walk using a slow pace as you make your body adapt to acclimatizing.

The teamwork and the crew you are with will become your new family and a community friendship bond grows as you spend time together walking, having meals, and exchanging knowledge of the mountain. During dinner at night as you dig into the sumptuous food prepared by your crew, the stars come out, twinkling and stunning everyone into deafening silence.

What do you eat on Kilimanjaro?

What to eat on Kilimanjaro mountain
Climbers enjoying their meal at a camp on Mount Kilimanjaro

Night time on Mount Kilimanjaro

Nigh time is the favourite time of day for most people as you are in the resting mood, satisfied after dinner and reflecting on the day’s struggles, satisfactory walks, and a good night’s sleep ahead with the thought of nearing your goal as each day passes by.

Where do you sleep on Mount Kilimanjaro?

It would be natural for anyone to feel contented and excited for the next day.

Sleeping at night on KilimanjaroBed? It’s too early. I feel too good. Aaah, I wonder if there’ll ever be another time as good as this.
Gregory Peck, in the film version of The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

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Waking up to the top climbing higher and higher scaling the slopes of the mountain is surely not an easy feat especially when it comes to the summiting night which is obviously on of the toughest challenges on the mountain. Despite everything, your crew will do everything they possibly can to make your entire experience as comfortable as possible. The mountain porters will carry your bag and will make sure that at the end of the day by the time you arrive from your day’s walk, you find your tent erected and your accommodation waiting, complete with hot water waiting for you to have a warm bath to refresh after a long day trekking.

As if that is not enough, you will be served a mug of hot tea or coffee shortly and dinner afterward at night.


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