Best Tanzanian Beers to refresh after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro
Kilimanjaro mountain beer

It’s always wonderful to quench your thirst with a cool beer, especially after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, heading on safari in Tanzania’s national parks like the Serengeti, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro, or relaxing on the sandy beaches of Zanzibar as you soak in the sun and cool breeze from the Indian ocean. Beer is quite popular in Tanzania, and millions of people drink it every day. Tanzania, in fact, is the sixth most beer-consuming country in Africa and this is evident in the many brands of beer at your disposal.

Tanzania Brewers Limited (TBL) and Serengeti Breweries are the two leading breweries in the nation (SBL). TBL was created in 1932, nationalized in 1976, and acquired by SABMiller after 25 years of failing operations. SABMiller still owns the majority of the shares today. TBL’s main competition is Serengeti Breweries, which was created in 1988. Both of these businesses are critical to Tanzania’s economy.

So, how many different domestic beer brands does Tanzania have? There are many brands here, your choice will depend on your taste but we will make your job easier here.
The majority of beers are offered in 500ml bottles, however, cans are also available. At the time of writing this article ( Thur, 9th – Dec 2021)Beers cost roughly 1500 shillings – 2500 shillings ($1,25) in local taverns, and between $3 and $5 per bottle in lodges.

Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Beer1. Kilimanjaro Premium Lager

4.5% alcohol by volume. Premium Lager made by TBL

A pleasant nose that is neither overly malty nor too strong. The flavor is fresh but not overpowering, and there is no lingering aftertaste. It’s a fantastic light beer for all occasions.

Since 1996, Tanzania Breweries Ltd (TBL) has made Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, an easy-drinking lager. It has a pleasant taste that comes from ingredients produced on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as water as clean as the mountain’s ice-capped top. Kilimanjaro Premium Lager, or ‘Kili,’ as the Tanzanians call it, is simply Made to Flow!

The brand proudly shares its name with Mount Kilimanjaro, a world-famous destination that, like our company, rises tall and attracts many visitors. Since the first marathon on February 2, 2003, Kili has been the primary sponsor of the Kilimanjaro Premium Lager Marathon.

Serengeti beer2. Serengeti Beer

Premium Lager with a 5.5% alcohol by volume and NO SUGAR made by SBL.

It has a somewhat crisp flavor with a malty aftertaste. It has a distinct flavor that distinguishes it from other beers.

Serengeti Premium lager, produced by Serengeti Breweries, is one of Tanzania’s leading beer brands. It was re-launched in 2003 as a 100 percent malt beer and has since been a pioneer in many ways. In Tanzania, Serengeti premium lager is known as Chui (Swahili meaning Leopard) because to the black and gold leopard markings prominent on the brand’s label. The pictures of the leopard and acacia on the label represent the Serengeti National Park, with which the brand is affiliated. Brown bottles of 500ml and 330ml are available.

Safari beer3. Safari Beer

Pale Lager with a 5.5% alcohol Volume made by TBL.

This is one of the oldest beers on the market and is considered a classic by many. It has a robust scent that ranges from a hoppy to a fruitier note, which some people find strong. It’s possible that the aftertaste will be rather bitter.

Safari beer is a pilsner that has a stronger taste, smooth, clean and refreshing with a light sweet malty hint.

Ndovu Beer

4. Ndovu Special Malt

4.8% alcohol volume Pale Lager is a light-colored beer made by TBL.
It has a bitter yet fragrant scent, a big body, and a pleasant finish.
Ndovu special malt is agreat beer, but it’s only available in 330ml bottles, so you’re paying more for less. Ndovu Beer’s taste can be described as sweet corn, something mirky. A little thin, under-carbonated.

Pours a very light straw color with a thin white head that disappears as quickly as it rose. The nose brings forward a good amount of grain as well as some creamed corn

Tusker Beer5. Tusker Beer

Pale Lager has a 4.2% alcohol volume made by TBL.
It pours a golden straw color with a white head. The aroma is very sweet, almost all-malt. The taste is what I describe as a “rounded” sweetness.

Although it originally comes from Kenya, Tanzanians drink beer with nyama choma, or barbequed beef, which is a national dish. ‘Naomba bia baridi’ – please may I get a cool beer – is a great phrase to learn at home and use in Tanzania.
Find out which one is your favorite by using this sentence.

Twiga Beer6. Twiga Beer

4.5% Golden Ale and 5.6% Stout Alcohol Volume made by Twiga Brewery.
TwigaBrew is Tanzania’s first Craft Brewery and Brewpub, with a focus on indigenous workmanship and tradition. Twiga Beers are premium handcrafted goods produced on the lush slopes of Mount Meru using the finest natural ingredients. TwigaBrew is a symbol of respect, admiration, and deep ties to nature and its vital resources. Their brewery, which is located within AIM Shopping Mall, is a buzzing gathering spot for Tanzania’s varied community as well as beer fans from all over Tanzania and beyond.

Twiga Beer comes in two flavours.


A dark beer with a light flavour of chocolate and coffee. 6.2% Vol. alcohol


A golden blonde Ale style beer with a fresh fruity flavour and 5.5% Vol. alcohol.

So far, these are the top 6 beers in Tanzania, the top 5 beers have been here for so long while the 6th option gets an honorable mention because it is the first craft brewery in Tanzania and they make great beer. The other beers worth trying out include Castle Lite beer, Serengeti Lite beer, Savannah, Flying fish, Balimi, Kibo Gold, and many more. Hope you have a great time climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with us and an equally great time rewarding your sweat with a cold beer from the Tanzanian slopes. Bon Sante!


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