Getting to Mount Kenya to begin your climb can be achieved in two ways. You can get to Mount Kenya using private transport, which we can provide, or alternatively, you can choose to get public transport of your choice. There are many minivans (matatus) and buses that depart everyday from Nairobi’s city center to the nearest towns to Mount Kenya like Nanyuki, Naro Moru, and Chogoria.

Where is Mount Kenya located?

Mt. Kenya is located 200 kilometers north of Nairobi. The surrounding towns of Naro Moru (west), Chogoria (east), and Nanyuki are all accessible through good roads (north side). Roads and paths (about 20-30 km in length) run up to the three main roadheads and park entrances from these points. Some of these are in bad shape, necessitating the use of a 4-wheel drive vehicle or walking.

Private transport to Mount Kenya

Without a 4wd vehicle, the routes to Met Station and Old Moses from the Naro Moru Gate and Sirimon Gate are passable.

Car hiring in Nairobi is easy to get by, or you may take public buses (matatus) from Nairobi for roughly Ksh 250-700 – while not the safest mode of transportation, it will bring you to the major road’s turnoff. Then one must either walk or take a motorbike taxi to the roadheads, which are normally situated around the Sirimon turnoff from the main road or at Naro Moru.

Mt. Kenya National Park can only be entered and exited during daylight hours before 6 p.m. The woodland zone, especially at night, might be dangerous owing to buffalo and elephants.

Although the highest huts on the mountain (over 4,000m) may be reached in one day from the road, unless you are fully acclimatized, two days is strongly suggested.

Public transport to Mount Kenya

If you’re taking public transportation, catch a Naro Moru matatu at their Tea Room Stage on the corner of Accra Rd and River Rd. They charge around Kshs 250 for one way travel. Take matatus to Kiambuthia, a village about 3km from the Park Gate, from Naro Moru. You may need to haggle with the matatu to have them drop you off directly at the Park Gate and then pick you up later. The one-way matatu fare here is roughly Ksh 50.

Driving to Mount Kenya

If you’re driving a car to Mount Kenya, take Thika Road all the way to Karatina town. Turn right onto the signposted road to Nanyuki and travel to Naro Moru town after another 12.5 kilometers towards Nyeri. Take a right onto the Mt Kenya road, which is clearly marked. Follow the signs for 15 kilometers to the Naro Moru Park Gate.

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