Tipping is a difficult issue to tackle, yet it is widely accepted in most regions of Africa because it accounts for a significant portion of guide and porter income.
On every Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro ascent, this is an “obligatory custom.” At the completion of the climb, we recommend tipping the mountain crew between US $ 50 and US $ 200 for each climber. The actual tipping amount is determined on the size of the group and the number of days spent on the mountain. Giving the tip to the primary guide, who will subsequently divide it among the mountain staff, is recommended. We recommend deferring tipping until you and all of your belongings have descended the mountain.

Tipping your support staff, such as your guide, cook, and porters is very appreciated.

it is a norm, mountain guides are tipped more, followed by Cooks then the porters in that order.
It is critical to understand that tipping is not required but highly recommended.
You may even tip your equipment or clothing, which our support crew would also appreciate.

All of this is contingent on you exceeding your expectations and being treated like brothers and sisters on the trip in which we keep the dream alive!

Per day, the average recommended gratuity per group is:

Chief guide — US $ 15 per day from the group for the chief guide.
Assistant Guide – US $ 10 per day from the group for each assistant guide.Cook – US $ 8 per day from the group for each cook
Porters — the group pays US $ 6 each porter per day.
It’s best not to tip your porters until you’ve down the mountain with all of your belongings.

Tipping Guidelines for Mount Kenya Tours

  1. Always keep in mind that tips are always optional. Guidelines are supplied solely for informational purposes.
  2. Tip in proportion to your level of satisfaction with the service you received and what you can afford.
  3. Because estimating how much to give each team member might be tricky, most guests pool their money as a group and offer it to the main guide at the park’s exit gate. The guide will next divide the group into two groups. This strategy is recommended because it allows the guide to recognize people who have put in the most effort behind the scenes (not just what you as clients have seen), If you choose to tip separately, plan to tip the cook twice as much as the porter and the guide 1.5 to 2 times as much as the cook.
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