Mount Kilimanjaro has attracted countless reviews from past climbers that have in the recent past, accepted the challenge of scaling the highest mountain in Africa which also doubles up as the highest free-standing mountain in the world. We will take a look at some of the reviews and photos from climbers that have tackled Kilimanjaro, nicknamed the “roof of Africa”. To be fair, we will start with honest reviews from our past clients and then see overall reviews about each route on the mountain.

Are you still unsure if you want to take up the challenge to the roof of Africa yet? If so, we’ve compiled a list of both bad and good Mount Kilimanjaro trek reviews and testimonials to aid with your decision.

The good thing about hearing real-life testimonials and reviews from past climbers is that they help you get an idea of what you are getting into, further assisting you to make a well-informed decision, knowing which route is suitable for you, how many day you may need on the mountain, the Dos and the Donts.

Let’s look at some photos from the previous Kilimanjaro trips before the reviews. We really hope that this may aid in your decision.

Tranquil Kilimanjaro Reviews

Naturally, I’d tell you that you’re going to have a terrific time and that I offer exceptionally high-quality service with meticulous attention to every little detail. But you need to hear it from former customers to get genuine, unbiased feedback. These are folks who, like you, wanted to be certain that they were attending a top-notch trip in addition to a fantastic experience. They are picky individuals from various backgrounds who did their homework to determine which trip offered not just good value but also high quality of service with superb logistics and safety. They all concur on one thing, too…

Here are some reviews from previous visitors to Mount Kilimanjaro. These reviews were compiled by us from a variety of reputable travel websites and review sites, including TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, The Guardian, Travel Leisure, SafariBookings, and Trust Pilot.

Lemosho Route Reviews

We were a group of 3 people who made the 8-day ascent of the

Lemosho route – descent Mweka Kilimanjaro Trek. Climbing Kilimanjaro under Tranquil Kilimanjaro was fabulous because we really had a great experience and we got the best service. Diannah, who is incharge of reservations, contacted us all the time and the communication was easy as he made all the logistical arrangements and the price was absolutely reasonable in addition This trip exceeded my expectations Everything was well planned, from arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport, transfers to the hotel and back and of course the duration of the trek The route that we chose is very scenic and each day presented different sites. And this route helped us acclimatize to the high altitude and increased our chances of success before trying to Uhuru Peak. The food was delicious and varied every day, served with fruits and vegetables, including coffee and tea. I couldn’t believe how creative the chef was at producing hot food on the mountain. In general, we could not have asked for a better guide and a better team than those at Tranquil The hike was great, it was a great success to stand at the top and we could not have done it without the support of this team we were strong and fit and for that, we finished the hike a day earlier. It made for a truly remarkable experience. We had a great trip to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro and even after. I would highly recommend this company without any hesitation.
Kate Branson – Alaska, USA

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Lemosho Route Reviews

Machame Route Reviews

We just got back from our Kilimanjaro and safari tours which we booked to celebrate my birthday. We’re so glad we booked through Tranquil Kilimanjaro as we couldn’t have asked for a better tour operator. The reservations manager, Diannah, made sure the trip was smoothly done by answering multiple emails before our arrival, to setting up our airport transfers and meeting us before and after our Kilimanjaro climb and before the Tanzania safari to ensure we were completely ready and satisfied. Our guide, Victor and the whole climbing crew even threw me a surprise birthday celebration at the end of our Kilimanjaro climb with a lunch, cake, champagne, beer and sang Happy Birthday. It was really a special surprise! The Kilimanjaro climb was an unforgettable experience. We booked the 7-day Machame Route. The climb could not have been possible without the help of the entire crew to carry all our personal equipment, set up and take down each base camp, cook breakfast, lunch and dinner and provide an excellent level of service to make us feel right at home on the mountain. We woke up every morning to ginger tea and were well fed. The food was delicious and plenty for us. We loved our guides as they were with us every step of the way and helped us survive on summit night. Climbing to the Summit was an intense experience and we’d highly recommend creating a playlist and listening to music all the way up. It was all worth it once you get to see the sunrise at the peak! After the climb we booked a 4 day/3-night safari through Tranquil Journeys which is also part of Tranquil Kilimanjaro. It was really the icing on a fantastic trip. We got to see so many animals and watch some fascinating predators hunt. We saw a pack of lionesses’ hunt wildebeest and a crocodile bite off a zebra’s butt. Our safari guide, Amiri was fantastic at spotting out animals from miles and miles away. He was also genuinely excited and was very knowledgeable about all the animals. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and felt taken care of the whole time by Victor and his team. Thanks again Tranquil Kilimanjaro!

Jurgen Koch – Berlin, Germany

Machame Route Reviews

Marangu Route Reviews

After doing research on which route to use and asking many questions, we finally settled for the Marangu Route, the 6 days itinerary to be precise then added a short 5 day safari to the Serengeti, Tarangire and Ngorongoro. it worked so well with us such that we feel like we did not have enough. We might come back next time for Zanzibar Beach Holidays too. So sad about the Covid-19 pandemic, wish we did another trip sooner. The food was fantastic and both our mountain guide, the porters and the safari guide were amazing, friendly and social. The highlight of the trip was staying at Katikati tented camp, Serengeti is magical. Mount Kilimanjaro was tough but we made it to the top. it was worth it. See you soon and stay safe.

Frank Schneider – Zurich, Switzerland

Marangu Route Reviews

Northern Circuit Route Reviews

The Northern Circuit was fairly easy. This being our third time climbing a mountain in Tanzania, ww chose the new and longer route called the

Northern Circuit route. We had climbed Mount Meru a fee years before then Mount Kilimanjaro on our fast attempt later on. Mount Meru is more steep and comparing the Northern Circuit and Machame, Machame is a little bit harder. This time round we had enough time to acclimatize. The route is beautiful and scenic especially the Northern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. We noticed though that the glaciers were diminishing but we are happy that the government is taking measures to reduce waste in the mountain by banning the use of plastic bags. As usual the food was fresh and hot, our cook did a great job all along. Our guides were understanding and together with the porters who were very helpful. Word of advise. Drink as much water as possible.
Mansuklal Kishan Suthar – New Delhi, India

Northern Circuit Reviews

Rongai Route Reviews

We are a group of vegans that always dreamt of climb Mount Kilimanjaro. After doing some research online and contacting the reservation team for Tranquil KILIMANJARO, we eventually settled of a date for climbing by choosing the longer 7 days Rongai route and also choosing the perfect time of the year to climb. The reason we chose the longer route is because we needed more time to acclimatize and conserve our energy by climbing slowly. We were not in a hurry anyway as success was our first priority. The chef knew what he was doing by sticking to a strictly plant based diet and yummy energy giving foods. one challenges was finding vegan or plant based protein bars so we found amazing alternatives to keep us going and healthy. All in all, our guides were really helpful and they made our climb easy and we did not experience any altitude sickness. We have to admit, the midnight climb to the summit was a huge challenge but we made it to the top before sunrise.

Jean Greisch – Luxemburg

Rongai Route Reviews

Umbwe Route Reviews

We successfully made it to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro when we booked the 6 days Umbwe Route thanks to the great support from our guides and porters from Tranquil Kilimanjaro. It wasnt easy but so much worth every bit of the climb. We loved the meals and the sunrise at Stella Point

Zhang Li – Shanghai, China

Umbwe Route Reviews

Mount Kilimanjaro Testimonials

All of these come from smart customers who, like you, had to assess the advantages and disadvantages of choosing one firm over another, or selecting between one budget and another, or between Lemosho and Machame.
You may be sure that I offer top-notch service and pay close attention to every little thing, especially when it comes to safety and logistics. When evaluating what is and is not included, keep in mind to compare apples with apples. Comparing, for instance, a more affordable 5-day Marangu Route to a costly 8-day Lemosho or 9-day northern Circuit Route would be fruitless.

Please make sure you carefully review the inclusions and exclusions after choosing your route (and if you really want to summit and return smoothly, then you have to choose the longer routes because the chances of summit success are so much better).

There will likely be “cheap” offers available, but they might not include your accommodation before and after your climb or some hidden charges. That is a scam, not a cheap offer.

With our tours, you receive all the features in addition to the greatest mountain guides, top-notch weather predictions, delicious cuisine, and some of the best logistical support on the mountain.

Additionally, you are receiving the greatest acclimatization regimen available. You are not merely another client to us. You’ll be a big part of the information flow and be in charge of the journey.

So kindly read the testimonials again and pay attention to what they have to say.