Tanzania’s crown treasure is the Serengeti National Park. It is one of Africa’s most well-known game-viewing parks and a serious contender for the greatest wildlife experience on the planet.

The annual migration of two million wildebeests plus hundreds of thousands of gazelles and zebras – followed by their predators in their annual migration in search of pasture and water – in the vast plains of Serengeti National Park, which covers 1.5 million hectares of savannah, is one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the world. The park has a high level of biological variety, with at least four globally vulnerable or endangered animal species present: black rhinoceros, elephant, wild dog, and cheetah.

Serengeti National Park is a national park and wildlife sanctuary located in north-central Tanzania on the Serengeti Plain. It is located northwest of the bordering Ngorongoro Conservation Area and partly next to the Kenyan border. It is most renowned for its massive herds of plains animals (particularly gnu [wildebeests], gazelles, and zebras), and it is the only area in Africa where gigantic land-animal migrations still occur. In 1981, the park was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List as a worldwide tourist destination.

The park, which was founded in 1951, encompasses 5,700 square miles (14,763 square kilometers) of some of Africa’s greatest grasslands, as well as large acacia forest-savannah.

The park stretches 100 miles (160 kilometers) southeast from places along Lake Victoria’s coasts and 100 miles (160 kilometers) south from the Kenya-Tanzania border, with heights varying from 3,020 to 6,070 feet (920 to 1,850 meters). Many of the park’s species move over the “western corridor” to Lake Victoria.

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Where is the Serengeti located in Africa?

The Serengeti is part of Tanzania’s famous northern circuit and is located in northern Tanzania. The Serengeti is the Africa we all imagine: boundless green plains reaching to the horizon, interrupted only by the occasional flat-topped acacia tree.

What animals live in the Serengeti Plains?

Serengeti National Park is one of those rare places where your imagination exceeds your expectations. The Serengeti plains are home to the 2 million strong Great Migration and the largest concentration of predators in Africa. The amount of game here is simply incredible. This is Big Five game-watching zone, with no fences and little human interference — the massive herds following old migration paths imprinted in their DNA.

What activities can you do around the Serengeti?

A Serengeti safari is much more than a park dedicated to the Great Migration.

There is a strong case to be made that the Serengeti would still be Africa’s best safari park if the big herds were removed. The Serengeti’s tremendous natural beauty and biodiversity have downsides, with some times of year and locations becoming tourist hotspots. However, one area of the Serengeti is bustling, while another is peaceful – there is always a region of the Serengeti to call your own. A true contender for Tanzania’s greatest wildlife experience.