Interestingly, apart from the towering, snow-capped giant that is the symbol of the name Mount Kilimanjaro, there are features within the mountain that are worth taking a keen interest. There is more to Mount Kilimanjaro than just the gigantic funnel that towers into the clouds of the Kilimanjaro region near Moshi town.

Most importantly, Mount Kilimanjaro is part of the Kilimanjaro National Park even though the park itself is overshadowed by the mountain within.

Kilimanjaro – a world heritage site

The Kilimanjaro national park is a UNESCO declared, a world heritage site. it covers a whopping 291 square miles and is home to very many interesting attractions ranging from rocks, glaciers, plateaus, ridges, ice fields. This 291-square-mile park is home to a number of attractions you should not miss.

Even though at present only a small proportion of the glacial cover remains, there are still glacier spots to marvel at.

Below are some of the popular attractions, formed by either volcanic activity during the formation of the mountain or climatic conditions of the mountain.

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