Did you know? Here are 21 fun Kilimanjaro facts for kids
Kilimanjaro facts for kids

Here are some fun facts for kids about Mount Kilimanjaro that you might have come across on National Geographic, the Lion King movies, at Disney, or on various kids’ TV channels and programs from around the world.

Did you know that Mount Kilimanjaro comprises five climate zones from top to bottom? It is a massive stratovolcano and is considered inactive rather than extinct. This mountain first started to form roughly 3 million years ago. Mawenzi, Shira, and Kibo are the three volcanic cones that are present. The oldest cone is Shira, while the youngest is Kibo. Located in Tanzania, Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcano. In addition to being one of the “Seven Summits” of the world, it is also known for being the highest peak in Africa.

Some children may find learning difficult, therefore it’s crucial to look for creative methods to make it more interesting. This list of interesting Kilimanjaro facts for kids was made for that reason.

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Additionally, we’ve thrown in a few mind-blowing, exciting, and fascinating facts so that everyone may enjoy learning about this amazing mountain in Tanzania. Keep in mind that you may enjoy this collection of interesting information apart from the typical classroom setting. Discuss them at the dinner table, incorporate them into a day of online learning, or use them as icebreakers.

This collection covers a wide range of subjects, from historical, scientific, and geological facts about Kilimanjaro to children. Check your time to read through all of these fascinating information.

Fun Kilimanjaro facts for kids

To learn more about Mount Kilimanjaro, see the fun fact sheet for children below:

  1. Mount Kilimanjaro rises to a height of 5,895 meters (19,341 ft).
  2. It is situated in Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro National Park, close to the nation’s border with Kenya.
  3. The East Africa Rift Valley mountains include Mount Kilimanjaro.
  4. Shira, Mawenzi, and Kibo are the three volcanic cones that make up the dormant volcano Kilimanjaro. Kibo is dormant and might erupt in the future, whereas Shira and Mawenzi are extinct and cannot erupt once again.
  5. Kilimanjaro last erupted more than 150,000 years ago.
  6. Kibo, the biggest volcanic cone, is nearly 15 miles wide.
  7. The tallest volcano outside of South America is Kilimanjaro.
  8. Kilimanjaro’s forest covers about 1000 square kilometers.
  9. The foothills and lower elevations of Mount Kilimanjaro are home to elephants and buffalo.
  10. Although they have recently receded, the glaciers and snowcaps that formerly covered Kilimanjaro’s peak are still present. Since the turn of the century, around 80% of the snow has vanished.
  11. Hans Meyer and Ludwig Purtscheller were the first to ascend Mount Kilimanjaro on October 6, 1889.
  12. A lot of individuals tried to climb Mount Kilimanjaro before 1889, but they all failed because of severe weather, snow, and ice.
  13. Karl Egloff raced to the summit of Kilimanjaro and returned in in 6 hours, 42 minutes, setting a record for the quickest ascent and descent.
  14. An 87-year-old Frenchman became the oldest climber of Kilimanjaro.
  15. Kilimanjaro has eight recognized routes for ascent: Lemosho, Machame, Marangu, Rongai, Shira, Northern Circuit, Western Breach and Umbwe.
  16. Umbwe is the shortest route and Northern Circuit is the longest.
  17. Kilimanjaro climbers have lost many lives as a result of falls and high altitude illness.
  18. Only around 2/3 of the annual 25, 000 climbers of Mount Kilimanjaro succeed in reaching the summit.
  19. At the peak of Kibo, there is a wooden box where climbers can leave comments about their ascents.
  20. -7°C (19°F) is the typical temperature of Mount Kilimanjaro’s peak.
  21. In November and from March through May, snowfall on Kilimanjaro is typical.

Can children climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro climbers must be at least 10 years old. However, Kilimanjaro National Park Authority can provide exceptions with permission. Some of the youngest climbers on Mount Kilimanjaro were 7-year-old kids, who coped quite well and independently reached Gillman’s Point (5681m). In general, we don’t take kids on the Kilimanjaro unless they have a lot of trekking experience, especially some at high altitudes, and they’re with a guardian who is a strong hiker and is known to acclimatize well.

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Interesting Kilimanjaro information for children to learn and enjoy

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