Altitude / Horombo Huts Elevation: 3720 m.a.m.s.l.

Horombo huts and campsite is an accommodation camp situated along Mt Kilimanjaro’s Marangu route that has a mix of both cabin accommodation and an isolated ground area for putting up tents.

The Horombo Huts Campsite is the second campsite from the beginning of the route that starts right at the Marangu gate. This accommodation is usually used by those climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via the Marangu route for going to the top or descending after climbing.

Apart from the Marangu route hikers, Horombo Huts and Campsite accommodation is used during descent via the Rongai Route.

The main advantage of the Horombo Huts Campsite is the abundance of water, made possible by the presence of a stream nearby. It is one of the few camps on Mount Kilimanjaro with water closets (W.C) and functional bathroom sinks.

Horombo Hut cabins are A-shaped wooden huts with each hut being able to accommodate 6-8 people. The cabin huts are not self-contained and in total, all the cabins on Horombo can house 120 climbers at a go.

Horombo Hut Campsite Facilities.

Horombo huts feature a mess hall for dining, a ranger’s office hut, a kitchen hut for cooking, and separate housing for the porters and mountain guides.

Location of Horombo Huts campsite

Horombo huts campsite located on the southeastern side of Mount Kilimanjaro, standing on top of Mawenzi’s ridges. Mawenzi is the third highest peak after Kilimanjaro’s Kibo and Mount Kenya.

Horombo Hut Campsite also lies along the edge of the moorland region of Mt Kilimanjaro at the beginning of the alpine desert.

Horombo Hut Campsite is almost always wet because of high humidity and constant precipitation in the form of rainfall on this part of Mount Kilimanjaro. This means if you have wet clothes here, it will be very difficult to have them dry.

Due to this reason alone, the trails, ground, and rocks in this area are somehow muddy and slippery.

Near Horombo Huts Campsite, only a few minutes walk away is the Zebra rocks, whereby climbers/hikers visit here as an acclimatization hike for those using the 6 days Marangu route itinerary.

Why Horombo Huts Campsite is used for acclimatization

The reason for using this campsite and Zebra rocks for acclimatization for Mount Kilimanjaro is because most climbers begin to feel altitude sickness at this campsite.

The campsite is located strategically on the sloping ground thus protecting it from the high winds that usually blow at this high altitude.

The previous campsite before reaching Horombo Huts campsite is Mandara huts while the next accommodation is Kibo huts

How to get to the Horombo huts Campsite

Horombo hut and Campsite is best accessed on foot, by hiking. The other way to reach here is by cycling to this Mount Kilimanjaro Accommodation.

Additional information

RoutesMarangu Route
AmenitiesHuts/Cabins , Mess hall, Ranger’s office hut, Kitchen hut, W.C Toilets
VegetationHeath & Moorland

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