Millenium Camp Elevation / Altitude: 3820 Above Sea Level

Millenium campsite is an accommodation site used when descending, an overnight stop/resting point used by climbers instead of the Mweka camp via the Mweka route.

It is purposely used by climbers going down from the summit via the following Kilimanjaro routes:- Northern circuit, Lemosho, Shira, Machame, and Umbwe routes Mountain climbers descending Kilimanjaro Mountain have two options of spending the night, with the open choices being either Millenium campsite or Mweka hut which is located further below the Millenium campsite on the mountain.

Only tents are allowed at this campsite since there is no presence of accommodation structures in any form at the Millenium campsite, therefore, you are required to come with your own tents.

Millenium Campsite Facilities

The most unique feature of the Millenium campsite is the transparent roof on the toilets that let in some sunlight.

Millenium camp has W.C toilets as well as pit latrines that have existed for a while up to date.

The only other existing structure is a ranger’s cabin hut made of wood that is used to register climbers checking in and out of the camp for security reasons.

Millenium Camp to Mweka Gate

Trekking from Millenium camp to Mweka gate is like the last trip to civilization, internet, and actual showers! The distance from Millenium Camp (3,825 m) to Mweka Gate (1,160 m) is about 14km and it would take you about 3-4 hours trekking on foot to descend the mountain.

Location of Millenium campsite

The Millenium campsite is perched on a ridge located ton base of the South-Eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. It is only a few km away from the Mweka Gate which marks the end of your Mount Kilimanjaro climb and the main location where you exit the mount amid jubilation, relief, songs and dances.

Millenium Campsite Vegetation

Falling in the perimeter of the heath region of Mount Kilimanjaro with fairly good rainfall levels that only come second to rain forest vegetation of the mountain that can be found in the lower altitudes.

Short trees, and fairly high winds, characterize the vegetation at the Millenium campsite.

Wildlife at Millenium Campsite

There is the presence of smaller animals but big game animals located on lower altitudes of the mount cannot be found here.

The next campsite encountered after the Millenium campsite is the Mweka hut campsite which is the last point before reaching the Mweka gate (the exit point).

This campsite is also mostly used by hikers coming from the summit hence the previous campsite before this would be the last campsite used before coming from the peak, which is usually the Barafu hut.

Millenium camp, Kilimanjaro

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millenium camp near mweka gate
millenium camp near mweka gate
Millenium Camp Kilimanjaro