Taxi from Kilimanjaro airport to Moshi and Cab/Taxi apps in Moshi
Kilimanjaro International Airport Taxi

For travellers arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), efficient and reliable airport transfer services are essential to begin their journey smoothly, more so if you want to hire a cab/taxi.

Moshi, nestled at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, is a hidden gem among cities worldwide. The city boasts a consistently warm climate, ideal for exploring its numerous attractions and indulging in fresh, organic local cuisine. A lively expatriate community adds to the city’s vibrant atmosphere, organizing events and theme nights for residents and visitors alike. Despite its size, Moshi is remarkably safe and tranquil in comparison to other cities in the region. Conveniently located just a 45-minute drive from Kilimanjaro International Airport, Moshi also offers an affordable cost of living, roughly one third of that in New York or many other urban centers in the US. With each passing year, Moshi continues to evolve and thrive, enhancing its residents’ quality of life.

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Here’s everything you need to know about getting from Kilimanjaro International Airport to various destinations in the Kilimanjaro region, including Moshi.

Transfer Options

1. Airport Taxis

  • Availability: Taxis are readily available at Kilimanjaro International Airport. They provide a direct and straightforward way to reach your destination.
  • Cost: Prices can vary, so it’s advisable to agree on a fare before starting your journey or opt for pre-booked services to avoid unexpected costs.

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2. Shuttles and Private Transfers

  • Shuttles: Cost-effective and convenient, shuttles are perfect for solo travellers or those on a budget. They operate on fixed schedules and routes.
  • Private Transfers: For a more personalized experience, private transfers offer direct routes to your destination, providing flexibility and comfort.

How much does a taxi cost from Kilimanjaro International Airport to Moshi?

The cost of a taxi from Kilimanjaro International Airport to Moshi is typically around $50 for a one-way trip per ride, not per person. This price can vary slightly depending on the time of day, the taxi service provider, and whether you book in advance or negotiate directly with a driver upon arrival. So for example if you are 4 passengers, you can split the $50 four ways.

It’s advisable to confirm the fare with the driver before starting your journey to avoid any misunderstandings. Pre-booking a taxi or using a reputable airport transfer service can also ensure a fixed price and a smooth travel experience

Popular Destinations and Routes

1. Moshi Town

  • Highlights: Known for its vibrant culture, food, and proximity to Mount Kilimanjaro.
  • Travel Time: Approximately 45 minutes from the airport.

2. Arusha

  • Highlights: A gateway to numerous safaris and Mount Meru.
  • Travel Time: Around 90 minutes from the airport.

3. Marangu and Machame Gates

  • Highlights: Starting points for popular Kilimanjaro climbing routes.
  • Travel Time: Approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

4. Day Trip Destinations

  • Lake Chala: A crater lake with stunning views, around 1.5 hours from Moshi.
  • Ol Popongi: Known for cultural experiences and traditional Maasai lifestyle.
  • Serval Wildlife: A wildlife sanctuary offering unique encounters with local fauna.
  • Kikuletwa Hot Springs: Natural geothermal pools perfect for relaxation, located about 1.5 hours from Moshi.
  • Marangu Village and Coffee Tours: Experience local culture and coffee farming.
  • Materuni Waterfalls: A scenic spot ideal for hikes and picnics.

How to Book a Taxi for Kilimanjaro Airport Transfers

1. Pre-Booking: To ensure a seamless experience, pre-book your airport transfer through your hotel or host. Most hotels provide Airport transfers, if not, they can always assist you in booking a cab from the airport to your hotel. If you do not have a pre-booked hotel or they are not responding, there are taxis or cabs parked at the airport parking space. This not only guarantees availability but also locks in the fare.

How to identify an airport taxi/cab

Once you arrive at the Kilimanjaro International Airport, after clearing with the customs and immigration officials, head over to the parking lost, you will spot white cabs with black and amber/orange strips like the ones shown in the picture below.

Taxi cabs at Kilimanjaro Airport

2. Reliable Providers: Use reputable companies with good reviews to avoid any potential issues.

3. Confirmation: Always confirm your booking and have the driver’s contact information handy.

4. Payment: Check if the service allows pre-payment or requires cash upon arrival.

Confusion between Arusha Airport and Kilimanjaro Airport

Travelers often confuse Arusha Airport with Kilimanjaro International Airport due to their proximity and the overlapping names associated with the region.

Moshi and the surrounding regions are popular destinations for travellers looking to experience the culture, beauty, and adventure offered by Tanzania. Efficient airport transfer services are crucial for a smooth start to your journey, whether arriving at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) or Arusha Airport (ARK). Here’s a comprehensive guide to airport transfers from these two airports.

Here are some key differences to help you plan your travel:

Arusha Airport (ARK) to Moshi

  • Distance: Approximately 98.1 km
  • Best Transfer Options: Taxi or shuttle

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) to Moshi

  • Distance: Approximately 40 km
  • Best Transfer Options: Taxi or private transfer

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

Overview Kilimanjaro International Airport is the primary gateway for international travelers arriving in the region. It handles flights from major international destinations including the Netherlands, Kenya, Qatar, and more. The airport is larger and busier compared to Arusha Airport, offering more amenities and services.

Taxi Services

  • Availability: Upon exiting the arrival gate, you will find numerous taxi drivers ready to offer their services.
  • Cost: The typical fare to Moshi Town is around $50. Prices can be slightly higher if you book a taxi outside the airport premises.
  • Booking Tips: It’s advisable to agree on the fare before starting your journey to avoid any surprises. Pre-booking a taxi or using a reputable airport transfer service can provide additional peace of mind.

Shuttle and Private Transfers

  • Shuttle Services: Ideal for budget-conscious travelers, shuttle services operate on fixed schedules and routes. They offer a cost-effective way to reach your destination.
  • Private Transfers: For a more personalized experience, private transfers provide direct routes and greater comfort. These can be pre-booked online or through your hotel.

Arusha Airport (ARK)

Overview Arusha Airport is a smaller airport primarily handling domestic flights, such as those from Dar es Salaam. It is less busy than Kilimanjaro International Airport, offering a more relaxed arrival experience but with fewer amenities.

Taxi Services

  • Availability: Taxis are available at the airport, though there may be fewer options compared to Kilimanjaro International Airport.
  • Cost: The fare to Moshi is also around $50, though this can vary. Confirm the price with the driver before starting your journey.
  • Booking Tips: Due to the smaller size of the airport, it’s recommended to arrange your taxi in advance if possible.

Confusion Between the Two Airports

Arusha Airport (ARK)

  • Flights: Primarily handles domestic flights.
  • Location: Closer to Arusha city, making it convenient for travellers heading directly to Arusha.

Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO)

  • Flights: Handles both domestic and international flights.
  • Location: Strategically positioned between Arusha and Moshi, making it convenient for international travellers heading to either city.

Taxi Apps in Moshi and Arusha

Transportation or taxi apps are available in both Moshi and Arusha, although they are less common in Moshi, where traditional taxis and other forms of transportation are more prevalent. When travelling between cities, domestic flights offer a quicker and more convenient option but can be more expensive. Buses, on the other hand, are a more budget-friendly choice, though they take longer and may not provide the same level of comfort, especially for longer journeys such as those between Moshi and Dar es Salaam. When deciding between these options, consider your budget, time constraints, and personal preferences.

inDrive: Affordable and Flexible Taxi Service in Moshi and Arusha

inDrive, available on the App Store with a distinctive green logo, offers a unique approach to ride-hailing that sets it apart from other services like Uber and is the best option to getting a taxi in Moshi or Arusha. With inDriver, users select their route and propose a fare they are willing to pay. If no drivers accept the offer, users can incrementally raise the price until a driver agrees.

Indrive logoinDriver provides a flexible and affordable transportation option in Arusha, empowering passengers to negotiate their fares and choose their drivers based on ratings and experience. This innovative approach to ride-hailing has quickly gained popularity, making it a valuable tool for both drivers and passengers looking for reliable and cost-effective transportation.

How inDrive Works

For Passengers:

  • Propose Your Fare: Enter your route and suggest a price you are willing to pay for the ride.
  • Negotiate and Save: If drivers do not accept your initial offer, you can increase the fare until you find a willing driver, allowing for flexible and often lower pricing compared to fixed-rate services.
  • Choose Your Driver: inDriver displays the rating and number of completed trips for each driver who responds to your fare proposal, giving you the power to select the driver you trust the most.

For Drivers:

  • Easy to Use: Drivers can receive and accept ride requests directly through their smartphones, making it simple to get more passengers.
  • Increased Passenger Flow: As more passengers use inDriver to find fair prices, drivers benefit from a steady stream of potential customers.

inDriver in Arusha

Arusha is the first city in Tanzania and across the entire African continent to launch the inDriver service. The platform has already connected more than 300 cars in Arusha, with dozens of new drivers registering daily. This rapid growth reflects the demand for flexible and affordable transportation options in the region.

Key Features of inDriver

  1. User-Determined Fares: Passengers control how much they are willing to pay, promoting fair pricing.
  2. Driver Ratings: Passengers can see driver ratings and trip history, enhancing trust and safety.
  3. Driver Choice: Passengers choose their driver based on ratings and offers, providing a personalized experience.

Advantages of Using inDriver

  • Affordability: By allowing passengers to negotiate fares, inDriver can be more budget-friendly compared to other services.
  • Flexibility: Passengers can adjust their proposed fares to meet market conditions, ensuring they get a ride even during high-demand times.
  • Transparency: The app’s rating system ensures transparency and helps passengers make informed decisions.


Uber, the world’s most famous taxi app service, offers reliable and affordable transportation options and is available in almost every corner of the city. With just a tap of a button, you can get airport transportation to all destinations in Moshi or Arusha. The app provides better services at an average cost that is relatively affordable for many people.

Uber logoUsing Uber allows you to get around like a local, letting the app and your driver handle the details so you don’t have to navigate an unfamiliar city. Feel at home with Uber by enjoying your favourite features, such as real-time pricing and cash-free payment, even when you’re in a new place.

Pick up at Kilimanjaro International Airport:

  • #1. Choose the option that suits your group size and bags.
  • #2. You’ll get directions about pickup points directly.
  • #3. Go to your assigned pickup location.


Moshi, one of the most exciting and culturally rich cities in Tanzania, offers a blend of historic landmarks and vibrant local life. From the iconic Askari Independence Monument, symbolizing soldier, water, and life, to the bustling Moshi Railway Station, the city is full of must-see attractions. Navigating this lively city is now easier with Bolt, a fast-growing taxi app known for its reliability and affordability.

Bolt logo transparent

Why Choose Bolt in Moshi?

Convenience and Speed

  • Quick Rides: Wherever you are in Moshi, count on Bolt to provide you with a ride in minutes.
  • Availability: Bolt services are accessible in most parts of the city, ensuring you can get a ride quickly and efficiently.

Affordable Pricing

  • Lower Costs: Bolt rides are generally cheaper than many competitors, making it an economical choice for both locals and tourists.
  • Transparent Pricing: Know how much your ride will cost before you request it, eliminating any surprises at the end of your trip.

Reliable Service

  • Familiar Experience: No matter where you travel within Moshi, Bolt drivers are there to offer a reliable and familiar experience.
  • Fast and Efficient: Bolt ensures a fast and smooth ride to your destination, whether you’re exploring local markets or heading to a safari adventure.

Exploring Moshi with Bolt

Moshi’s diverse attractions range from historical sites to natural wonders. Here are some highlights you can easily visit with Bolt:

  1. Askari Independence Monument: This iconic monument is a testament to Moshi’s rich history and cultural heritage.
  2. Moshi Railway Station: A hub of activity and an essential part of the city’s infrastructure.
  3. Local Markets and Cafes: Enjoy the local cuisine and crafts at various markets and cafes scattered throughout the city.

How Bolt Stands Out

Affordability: Offering competitive rates, Bolt makes it affordable for most people, including those going on local safaris. Ease of Use: The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to request a ride effortlessly. Safety: With a focus on passenger safety, Bolt ensures that you can travel with peace of mind.


Ride-hailing services thrive as Bolt and Uber return to Tanzania

Transportation services in Tanzania have evolved greatly in recent years, making it easier for people to move from one place to another. With limited internet access in the country, digital mobility services like Bolt and bber ride-hailing have played a crucial role in simplifying transportation. Despite facing challenges such as increased taxes and regulatory issues, these services are gaining popularity in cities like Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Dodoma. Local solutions like Paisha, Twende, and Linkee have emerged to challenge the dominance of Uber and Bolt, which are now gradually resuming their operations. The African mobility sector is becoming competitive, with companies like SWVL from Egypt introducing innovative solutions to revolutionize transportation. SWVL has successfully merged technology with traditional mobility services in Africa, offering a convenient and reliable option for both riders and investors. In Tanzania, ride-sharing services are providing hope for transportation players who were previously marginalized, including tricycle and motorcycle riders. These services are particularly effective in urban areas where public transport is in high demand. However, changing regulations and policies in Tanzania have impacted the operations of companies like Uber and Bolt, leading to temporary suspensions of their services. Despite these challenges, negotiations are now underway to allow both companies to resume full operations in the country alongside local providers like Paisha and Linkee.

Uber – Riding to the future in Africa

When considering the presence of major players in the ride-hailing industry, such as Uber, there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained for emerging services like Paisha and Linkee. Achieving a delicate balance between safety, convenience, and affordability is crucial. Uber’s successful expansion to 30 cities in Africa goes beyond mere popularity – it demonstrates that their services are meeting the needs of customers effectively. In a recent development in September 2022, Uber introduced a range of new products and features tailored for users in sub-Saharan Africa. Among these innovations are UberX Share in Ghana and Nigeria, and Uber ChapChap Share in Kenya, which allow riders to save up to 30 percent on fares by sharing trips with others heading in the same direction. UberXL is also set to launch in Nairobi, enabling up to six passengers to share a ride. Additionally, South African riders now have the option to reserve group travel in advance with UberXL Reserve and Uber Van Reserve. The future success of ride-sharing services in Africa is heavily dependent on ensuring safety, as concerns regarding security have plagued various cities in the region. Reports from Pymts, a fintech news hub, have indicated a worrisome trend of rideshare and delivery drivers falling victim to carjackings, with a significant number of app-based drivers losing their lives in the past five years. Despite these challenges, Uber remains committed to the region, celebrating 1 billion trips and creating over 6 million economic opportunities since entering the market in 2013. However, as more local transport options like bodabodas and bajajs, as well as homegrown mobile transport companies, gain traction, both Uber and rival company Bolt may face strong competition. The key for these companies will be to adapt to the evolving preferences of the people in each nation. Ultimately, the success of foreign ride-hailing companies in Africa will depend on the collaboration with regulatory agencies to foster a thriving economic environment.


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