This hard climbing route covers the northern slope of Mount Kenya and is the most direct way to the summit.

This route is more difficult than the “regular” option, requiring around 12 hours of ascent, an overnight camp, and a 5-hour descent. Normally, the trek to the top begins with a bivy at the Amphitheatre.

A typical North Face Route itinerary.
Climbing atop the continent’s second-highest mountain, with wonderful surrounds and breathtaking views, is a pleasant and breezy experience.

Hiking to Batian Peak

This is the summer and fall season’s regular path up the North East face of Batian.
The other side of the mountain is unclimbable at this season since it is completely covered with snow.

In the Northern Hemisphere’s winter, the climbing conditions are the polar opposite.

Although the rock is mostly solid granite, there are a few pitches with loose rocks.

On the North East side of the main peak, the route is located. Climbing is “alpine” in nature, with 5th class and simpler routes. The climb begins with roughly 7 pitches in a stony couloir before traversing left into the Amphitheater, a lower inclined section at mid-height. Above here is the Firmin’s tower, which is usually the most difficult part of the climb. Climbing up fissures and chimneys leads to the top of the tower, which is more difficult. Because this area is generally ice and snowy, it may be challenging.

After the Tower, there are a few gentler pitches and one more challenging pitch before reaching the West Ridge’s intersection, Shipton’s Notch. The ridge crest follows Shipton’s Notch to the top, with some challenging aspects.

With a few time-saving changes, the descent follows the same path as the ascent.
DON’T descend on the mountain’s south side, as some people recommend.

The mountain’s main summit is located in the center. The base camp is located at 4240 meters, at the foot of the summits. Depending on the starting town and route, you may reach the camp in 2-3 days. The most popular path begins in Naro Moru town. It takes around 3 days to get to the camp from here.

On the trip from Sirimon to Chogoria, or on the way back, you may witness some of the most stunning scenery. The journey takes two days from Nanyuki town, the beginning point for the Sirimon path, to Shipton’s camp.
It takes 2 or 3 days to go from Chogoria town, the beginning point for the Chogoria route, to the camp.

Follow the regular path to Point Lenana from Shipton’s Camp. Take the cairned R branch towards Batian at the first flat above camp (about 4500 m). Cairns will lead you up the drainage. You make your way up to Batian’s NE face. You turn R just before you reach the main wall, which is almost at the level of the Krapf Glacier’s base.

The route’s beginning is indicated by a blue-painted cross in a circle. It takes around an hour to walk from Shipton’s Camp to this location.

The itinerary is normally set out such that you arrive at the first pitch shortly before sunrise.

Batian Route Itinerary

Day 1: Naro Moru town to the National Park Gate. Hike to Met Station via the Naro Moru route

Day 2: Hike from Met Station to MacKinder’s Hut

Day 3: Hike from MacKinder’s Hut to Shipton’s Camp via Hausberg Col

Day 4: Hike from Shipton’s up to Point Lenana and back

Day 5: Early climb up Batian and return to Shipton’s

Day 6: Insurance day (in case of bad weather)

Day 7: Hike from Shipton’s Camp to Sirimon Park Gate and on to Naro Moru town

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